What Your Morning is Missing

Josh BezoniHigh-glycemic index carbohydrates indicate the rate at which blood sugar rises in response to eating carb-based foods. However, the additional consumption of key nutrients – particularly fiber, healthy fats, and protein – can slow the gastric process and encourage insulin secretion. Those two developments can positively affect the glycemic index of carbohydrate-dense comestibles. In fact, studies confirm that adding protein and/or good fats to a meal that includes carbohydrates can actually decrease the glycemic response.

This is incredibly good news. Since high-glycemic carbs are typically low (if not totally devoid) of fiber, overeating such foods can have serious consequences for your health. Current science recognizes a connection between low fiber diets and increased risks of diabetes and obesity. Fiber is a fantastic nutrient that brings a lot to both the figurative and literal table. A high fiber diet can help the health-conscious consumer feel satisfied for longer, be more regular, enjoy better cardiovascular health, and more.

Unfortunately, many packaged consumer goods, like breakfast cereals, process the grains therein. That actually removes the high-fiber bran. Even brands of foods that boast high fiber contents may be misrepresenting the facts. Isolated fiber that has been added to the food after processing can technically allow a company to claim to be high fiber, although the benefits of keeping the true fiber in the food is all but lost. Look for additives like psyllium husks, soy fiber, or polydextrose, or check to see if wheat bran has been added back in as a separate ingredient. The naturally occurring form of wheat bran is what stands to bring you the most benefits. The fiber located in the outer layer of whole grains is the only kind that has been definitively found to lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and constipation.

This goes to show that you must always take the time to stay informed about the things you choose to put into your body. Taking a brand at its word is a recipe for disaster. Most food producers are, unfortunately, dedicated to their profit margins before your wellbeing – even if their marketing department has carefully crafted messaging that might suggest otherwise. Reading the ingredients is a truly wonderful habit to adopt. If you are looking to transform your body and improve your health, the first thing you need to flex are your critical thinking skills.