Wednesday Weigh-In

Losing weight can be a tricky job. You’ve changed your diet, shifted around your meal schedule, and possibly added exercise to cover all your bases. The first few weeks have been tough. The sight of any junk food sends you into a hair-pulling spiral of questioning your dedication, your ability to keep a promise to yourself. Then there’s your worst enemy, the scale. You eye each other wearily whenever you pass. It’s the only thing that proves how good (or bad) you’ve been doing at your latest life goal. Part of the diet experience is about self-control and discipline, and not just of your eating habits. You need to be patient, with both your weight loss and yourself.

scale_weightConstant scale-jumping won’t help you shed pounds any quicker, so don’t even try. If you measure your weight loss on a daily basis, it will do nothing but shave years off your life with unnecessary stress. Understanding how the body works is the first step to losing weight in the healthiest way possible. Remember that weight fluctuates, even on an hour-to-hour basis, so set your weigh-ins for the morning.

When choosing the ideal day to step on the scale, Wednesday is scientifically proven to be the best day for consistent weight management. Part of weighing yourself weekly is to show the most marked change between weigh-ins. Day to day is just not enough time for your body to show any type of result, and the lack of progress is discouraging enough to put people off their diet entirely.

Wednesday is also a great day to weigh because it sits dead-center in your week. Oftentimes, people spend the weekend indulging, or forgetting certain aspects of their diet. It’s not worth thinking you ruined your entire weight loss plan after one night if you can recover by the week’s beginning, and be back on track by weigh-in. Think of Wednesday as the day your body is at its best, and regularly maintaining a Wednesday weekly weigh-in will produce the best results for tracking your success.