Turbocharge Your Veggies with this One Trick

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Everyone is well aware the vegetables are a non-negotiable in any reasonably balanced diet. it’s simply fact. Ask any schoolchild, and they are liable to know this to be one of the few absolutes of a healthy lifestyle. Our entire lives, in fact, have been structured around getting enough fruits and veggies. For those of us trying to lose weight and improve our body composition, this holds even more true. However, you may be surprised the failing to match a great, vitamin-rich and veggie-based diet with this one nutrient can actually prevent your body from reaching its full potential and miss out on all those great benefits that make eating right worth the effort.

Recently, the America Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that individuals who incorporate olive oil to their vegetable intake (whether that be in the form of salads, grilled, or any other method of preparation) substantially improved the amount of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that entered their system. In contrast, people who skipped adding some form of fat received relatively no added benefit.

So, why does this change the game? The fact of the matter is that food is fuel, and your diet should be constructed around fill you up with the best possible combination of nutrients to keep things running smoothly and you healthy. Phytochemicals battle inflammation, prevent the effects of again, and suppress appetite pangs. Without them, you could basically skip the meal altogether for the same effect.

Olive oil is such a crucial component of processing vegetables effectively because it is rich in monosaturated fats. This is exactly the type of fat which science has discovered elevated nutrient absorption to relatively astronomical levels. And it is such an easy fix! You can begin as simply as remembering to add a spoonful of olive oil to your salads or vegetable side dishes.