The Secret Ingredient To Guaranteed Weight-Loss Success

In Joel Osteen’s best-selling book Your Best Life Now he recounts the tale of a man on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. This individual was having a wonderful time with his fellow seafaring company but, every time meal time rolled around, he would excuse himself and go back to his room to eat cheese and crackers he brought with him rather than partake in the dining hall’s fancy culinary offerings. This behavior was consistent day after day, so finally another passenger worked up the nerve to ask about it towards the end of the trip. “Why don’t you join us in the dining hall tonight for dinner?” the passenger inquired.

The man responded, seemingly embarrassed, “Well, to tell you the truth, I only had enough money to purchase my ticket.  I don’t have any extra money to purchase fancy meals.”

At this, the other passenger startled and responded, ““Sir, don’t you realize the meals are already included in the price of the ticket?  Your meals have already been paid for!”

Upon hearing about this anecdote, it is easy to jump into a position of judgement and condescension. However, in life, many of us often display the exact same thinking patterns that caused this man to miss out on so many delightful meals and such a huge portion of what his trip experience should have been.

Your potential is limitless! That is true for every single person. Unfortunately, the perspective to realize and embrace this truth is not very common. We all make decisions every day – some of these prevent us from leveraging the excellence that is already within us. Just by virtue of being alive, we have already purchased so many metaphorical meals. But instead of walk confidently into the dining hall, we can sometimes fall into the bad habit of presuming the worst and missing out on opportunities in favor of settling for our own version of cheese and crackers. Choose to believe in yourself, instead.

The most important thing you can do, and the secret ingredient to succeeding when it comes to losing weight (or, truly, anything else) is the courage to commit to it. Do not get comfortable in complacency. Life is much too short to stagnate. Take action. Stop walking away from the amazing things your life could be and start making it happen. You can do or accomplish anything you put your mind to. Act like it!