The Food Making You Fat That Nearly Half of Americans Eat Every Single Day

Image of a SandwichWith this country in a the midst of a full-blown health crisis when it comes to obesity and health troubles which can be directly traced to poor eating habits, many Americans are increasingly committed to embracing better lifestyles. Some foundational knowledge is pretty widely understood, like cutting out candy and eating more vegetables. Slightly more advanced health enthusiasts understand the importance of eating organic, consuming enough protein, and eating regularly throughout the day. However, there are a few extremely common habits that you may be surprised to learn are nothing short of disastrous for losing weight and staying trim. One of these is particularly dangerous. Simply by virtue of being so pervasive in kitchens across the country, this one food has become a sort of culinary reflex that nearly every man, woman, and child knows well. However, we should all be wary of it. This food – the sandwich.

This may initially be something of a shock. Sandwiches are both simple and wildly diverse. You might presume that least some permutations should be pretty healthy. However, the kind of sandwich that does not do more damage than good for your waistline is nearly mythical. This is true mainly for two reasons:

Processed Wheat Wrecks Weight Loss

The first simple cause for concern is that the one universal ingredient of every sandwich, no matter what recipe you opt to enjoy, is also guaranteed to be bad news – the bread. Store-bought breads are absolutely awful for your health as a general rule. That is because processed wheat is incredibly difficult to avoid. And, by its very definition, the contents of a sandwich (however healthy they might be) lie smack dab into between multiple servings of it. The carbohydrates in most bread has been so processed that they enter your bloodstream quickly, spiking glucose levels and requiring minimal output from your body to consume. Even the supposedly “healthy” options, like whole-wheat bread, are not doing you any favors. Although whole-wheat does involve a higher amount of fiber per serving, it still elevates blood sugar to undesirable levels.

Condiments Are Catastrophic

One of the most popular parts of a sandwich is topping it off with a seemingly innocent dab of sauce. That might include a dressing of sort, mustard, mayonnaise, or any one of hundreds of unique options. However, nearly all are certain to be high in fat, sugar, and calories. They might be delicious, but prepare to let one serving shoot your body’s production of insulin, the fat-storing hormone, into the stratosphere. That does not even begin to address the fact that most sandwiches involve way more than just one serving size of condiment, opting so slather it with the sauce in question instead.