The Five Best Carbs for a Flat Belly

  1. Berries and Cherries: All sorts of berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and more provide a number of health benefits and are an important component for any diet. Not only do these berries provide lots of nutrients, they satisfy both one’s need for dessert, as they are sweet in flavor, and one’s hunger as they contain high fiber and water levels. Academic research has demonstrated that that the nutrients present, with their polyphenol content, even help limit the effects of aging. Furthermore, a study from Texas Women’s University discovered that the nutrients in blueberries can actually help combat obesity.
  2. Mixed Beans: Beans are amongst the best sources for protein. Some types offer as much as twelve grams of fiber for each single cup serving. Research has time and again proven that both fiber and protein are correlated with fullness. A study was released that showed that when participants added garbanzo beans to their daily diet, they consumed less snack foods and decreased their daily calorie intake.
  3. Quinoa makes the list for top five best carbs for a flat belly.

    Quinoa makes the list for top five best carbs for a flat belly.

    Quinoa: Often referred to as the “ancient grain,” Quinoa contains the entire spectrum of amino acid. In this manner, Quino is a uniquely complete protein. Both antioxidants and phytonutrients are abundant in Quinoa. In 2013, the FAO announced that it was the international year of Quinoa given its impressive nutritional traits.

  4. Sprouted Grain Bread: It is common knowledge in today’s age that foods created from processed flours are not particularly healthy. However, some may be surprised to find out that the “whole wheat, options are just marginally healthier than their “white” alternatives. You should be opting for breads and other foods made from sprouted grains. Sprouted Grains boast a variety of benefits including, but not limited to, boosting digestibility and the ability to absorb minerals.
  5. Vegetables: Unsurprisingly, veggies make the list of the five best type of carbs. Vegetables are chock full of minerals, fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Furthermore, vegetables can, amongst other benefits, help reduce blood pressure, lower the risk for bone loss and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.