Three Foods To Avoid

Changing diets is one of the hardest things to do. After years of training our systems to respond to a tolerable amount of sugars, chemicals, and processed foods, breaking away from those addictive substances can feel very similar to quitting any other addiction-prone substance. Headaches and mood-swings often accompany a dip in sugar intake and a sudden change in your diet can bring about hunger spikes and binge eating. However, eliminating these three foods from your diet can help to drastically reduce these urges.

Available in a multitude of flavors, sizes, and colors, Processed foods should be at the top of your foods to cut from your regular diet. Oftentimes complete with a laundry list or chemicals and flavoring agents, these foods are as naturally healthy as candy. Designed for a prolonged shelf-life and perfect appearance, it’s important to remind yourself of the chemicals that went into building your meal before you take another bite.

Alcohol may be a big hit at parties, but it’s an even bigger hit to your waistline. Rich in calories, easy to find, and even easier to consume, alcohol slows down or even stops the hormone that combats belly flab. It’s exactly for this reason that the term “Beer Belly” was born. Too much time at the keg and the body will start to resemble one,

Artificially sweetened beverages are among some of the most dangerous foods to consume when embarking on your diet journey. Packed with high fructose corn Josh Bezonisyrup, a chemical known to increase your hunger by pumping your system with empty calories, these drinks are a match made in the worst places imaginable. It’s no wonder mega-chain fast food restaurants pair their processed foods with soda. The more you eat, the stronger your addiction becomes, and the harder it is to lose the weight.


Putting the Pro in Protein

Planning a diet takes time and research. When making the decision to change what you put in your body, it’s best to understand what it is and how it can affect your newly minted diet. Everyone knows that protein is the cornerstone of any strong diet. Excellent for filling us up and giving our muscles the nutrient necessary to recover from a hard day’s work, protein can never be replaced. However, before embarking on your dietary journey, you want to ensure that your money travels far. What are some of the best and most cost-effective proteins to plate?

Josh BezoniEggs: Simple, humble, and abundant, Eggs are plentiful in both protein and production. Pacing huge doses of protein, a hard-boiled egg can make for an excellent mid-day snack to fight off those old hungry urges.

Tuna: An amazing source of protein and among the cheapest in this selection, canned Tuna yields nearly 42 grams of protein for just under $1. Whether used in a sandwich or mixed into a light tuna salad, the offerings from such a small source dwarf expectations.

Beans and Lentils: An excellent side-dish for any healthy meal, beans pack an especially substantial helping of protein. With nearly 45 grams of protein per serving, and a healthy dose of fiber to boot makes beans an excellent addition to a healthy meal.

Greek Yogurt: What’s both a delicious snack and good for you in moderation? Greek Yogurt, of course. Roughly breaking down to 21 grams/ dollar’s worth of protein, Greek yogurt is another excellent source of the invaluable Protein.

Above are a few options you have when choosing to start a healthy diet. The above options are not only delicious but happen to be among the cheapest of healthy foods available in the market. For my money, you can’t go wrong with a strong protein and a little extra cash in your pocket. Do you want to read more?