Avoid This Breakfast Pitfall and Try this Exceptional Grain

Joel Marion from BioTrust will be the first to tell you how Oatmeal, while seemingly healthy, is typically packed with sugar. Do not fall for the heart-healthy brand messaging you will find at the store. Flavor names such as “Maple and Brown Sugar” are not telling the full truth.

Instant Oatmeal is not nearly as healthy as it is marketed to be

Instant Oatmeal is not nearly as healthy as it is marketed to be

First off, please be aware of the fact, as Joel notes, that this product almost certainly does not contain any maple nor brown sugar. In fact, it is most likely chock full of artificial ingredients and regular sugar. Furthermore, the instant-oatmeal varieties generally has a higher glycemic index than just traditional oatmeal. This is because a high-heat processing method has has already pre-cooked this oatmeal. This process also removes many of oatmeals healthiest properties including minerals and vitamins.

If you must opt for oatmeal, you certainly should choose the traditional variety rather than the instant, sugar-heavy type. Marion recommends that you try the plain ol’ steel cut oats. They may be more labor and time intensive to make, but you will reap the rewards of its health benefits. After consuming ol’ steel cut oats, you will discover that your are much fuller than after eating the instant oatmeal.

While not necessarily a breakfast food, Quinoa is a grain that boasts a variety of health benefits including an amazing eight grams of protein per cup. Please note that quinoa is actually the only grain that posses complete protein. Marion also points out how this grain is quite low glycemic. Some say it’s the best grain that you can find, and it is hard to disagree with that assessment. With regards to serving quinoa, you can serve with pretty much anything including fish, chicken, steak, beans, or even salad. It is an incredibly versatile food item as it relates to both flavor, and, more importantly, health benefits.