Ketchup: World’s worst condiment

Josh BezoniWhat is possibly the worst garnish for your food that lurks in every restaurant and bar from coast to coast? Packed with sugars and unhealthy chemicals, we douse our burgers in it, drown our fries, and even baste our steaks in it’s crimson calories. Ketchup is terrible for you, with enough high fructose corn syrup to be its own food category. How can we break our addiction from such a prominent portion of our meals? What are some of the best ways we can shove this condiment off our tables for good?

Most people turn to Ketchup to stave off dryness. Whether Grandma’s meatloaf or an overdone burger, Ketchup has been a staple of American cuisine, served right next to the hot dog and apple pie. Often viewed as the most unhealthy element of our meals, the sugars in every ketchup-drenched meal would be less if you drenched your meal in soda. What can we do to break the cycle and keep some flavor in our meals?

For a spicy solution, many have turned to salsa instead of Ketchup. Similar in all the important ways but thankfully different where it matters, Salsa usually contains ⅓ the caloric value of a standard bottle of Ketchup, and nearly 8 times less sugar. Available in a range of different textures, tastes, and spice levels, Salsa makes an excellent Ketchup substitute. Rich in flavor and natural ingredients, salsa remains apart from the dangerously addictive and oftentimes harmful condiments lining our refrigerators.

So, what would you rather have on your beautifully cooked burger? You can choose to smother it in addictive and fattening sugars that do little more than decrease the nutritional value of an already dubious meal (Turkey burger excluded), or choose a spicy kick that can save you pounds down the road? Give salsa a try as your next ketchup substitute, you won’t regret it. For more information, click here.