How Sprouted Grains Start Your Day the Right Way

Prepackaged cereals are overwhelmingly bad news in almost every iteration you are likely to immediately recognize on most grocery store shelves. However, for many people, that form of breakfast is simply too comforting and comfortable a habit to want to give up completely. Eating cereal for breakfast is fast, easy, and delicious. It is important, then, to find the substitutes for sugary diet disasters that actually deliver on the promise of giving you a healthy beginning to your day. Food for Life® is a company that produces just such a thing. Their Ezekiel 4:9® line of cereals are a fantastic way to pack your breakfast bowl to the brim with nutrition and satiate your hunger while enjoying longer-lasting energy. They go above and beyond by not only using totally organic grains, but a specific type of them – sprouted grain, best understood by the layman as a true whole grain.

Sprouted grains differ significantly from traditionally harvested grains, and that is fantastic news for every health-conscious consumer interested in improving their body composition. On top of a load of inherent benefits that come from deviating away from the conventional harvesting method, these organic grain products from Food for Life® are also completely free of flour.

When grain is pulverized into flour, this creates a heavily processed form of the carbohydrates. Because they have essentially already been broken down by the automated, unnatural process before consumption, when you do eat foods made from these processed grains, you body is able to much more easily and quickly absorb them into the bloodstream. This is actually pretty bad news. Fast-digesting carbs are too rapidly incorporated into your blood as sugar, so it does not expend as much energy while your blood sugar and insulin levels spike. This contributes to chronic inflammation and fat gain.

Sprouted grains, on the other hand, actually increase digestibility, a benefit of it being more natural. It also improves the absorption of minerals. Additionally, they contain more antioxidant, more vitamin C, more vitamin B (like B2, B5, and B6), and much more fiber. Finally, they’re also a wonderful source of protein, which is too often lacking from a traditional breakfast. Sprouted grains are an all-around fantastic way to help you reach your health and body-composition goals.