Four Foods to Eat Before Bed

Eating late at night, especially before bed may be harmful for those looking to shed some weight, but what many may not know is that not everything you eat will cause you to gain weight as many believe. In fact, there are some foods that do quite the opposite and increase your fat loss results. The trick is, of course, knowing the right foods to eat and the foods you should avoid. Here are four of the best foods to eat at night, especially before bed:

1. White meat, not red meat or fish

White meat, like chicken or turkey, is rich in protein but has a very low insulin release which makes it a great meal close to bedtime. It also digests slowly, unlike red meat and fish, which also have a high insulin. White meat protein also promotes the release of the hormone glucagon, which assists the body with breaking down carbohydrates and fat stored within the body.

2. Cottage Cheese

Slow-digesting and it coats the stomach as it is assimilated into the body over many hours, cottage cheese is another great evening snack. Another benefit of cottage cheese is that it is full of protein, which also helps with the release of the hormone glucagon. One thing to keep in mind is that the best cottage cheese to snack on is the plain one and not a flavored variety as it would likely contain a lot of added sugars.

3. Green vegetables

2_dark-green-vegetables - Josh BezoniAlthough not a protein, green vegetables contain little to no calories, have high fiber contents, and are very filling. When those late-night cravings hit, eating a bowl of green veggies is a great way to kill those cravings in a healthy way.

4. Low-carb protein shake

A slow-digesting protein shake is a great drink to get into the habit of drinking during the evening hours. It is filling, tasty, and can contain some healthy fats that can be very helpful to your body and even weight loss goals.