Fitting a Healthy Breakfast into your Schedule

For healthy consumers with a fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard to make time to always eat right. To fit taking care of oneself more comfortably into many modern schedules, a huge industry of health foods has exploded in recent years. One meal that has enjoyed a particularly meteoric rise in emphasis is breakfast. Today, it is common knowledge that the first meal of the day is probably the most important one. It sets the tone for your waking hours, gives you energy to start strong, and plays a large role in determining how well you will be able to make healthy food choices throughout the afternoon and evening. In terms of being quick and easy-to-make, breakfast does not get much simpler than cereal.

MCL_cereal_aisle_101651084_Moats_310High-fiber cereals occupy a lot of space on many supermarket shelves. However, there are so many from which to choose that it has become next to impossible to identify the real winners. In terms of overall health benefits, things to consider include both completely organic grains and, when possible, sprouted grains. Sprouted grains are especially great to improve health for a number of reasons. They increase digestibility and our absorption of minerals. They also tend to have a much higher amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B.
Food for Life® offers an especially great suite of cereal products. The Ezekiel 4:9® line is a definite champion in terms of cereal options. Unlike most other boxed choices, Ezekiel cereals are made from whole grains, not flour. When grains are pulverized into flour, they devolve into a processed carbohydrate which more quickly enters the body and can cause spikes blood sugar levels. That can result in the body creating more fat and in chronic inflammation. Whole grains, however, are more natural and, therefore, more slowly and beneficially digested. So, when looking to purchase an easy breakfast choice to get your day started right, always take the time to double check exactly what is inside the food you are putting inside of you.