Breakfast: How You Are Doing It Wrong

For an image of what we are expected to understand the typical American breakfast, close your eyes and picture one. There is a quite a large likelihood that it resembles the meal that pops up at the end of almost every commercial for a breakfast product in recent history. It probably includes a tall glass of orange juice, perhaps a fruit, and a bowl of cereal – all with the words “Part of this complete breakfast!” plastered overhead. You may be surprised to learn that, contrary to popular belief, this is an early morning health disaster.

Breakfast cereals are so dense in carbohydrates that they do little to nothing in terms of encouraging your body to burn fat. This is particularly problematic, given that it is very likely the first thing you put in your body all day! That is the definition of starting your day on the wrong foot, if it’s not shooting yourself in the foot completely. Cereals that come straight out of the box are filled with high-glycemic index carbohydrates. This means they are totally loaded with heavily processed grains and refined sugars. These are exceedingly fattening and closely associated with obesity.

The glycemic index indicates how quickly and extensively the carbs from food break down and enter the bloodstream as blood sugar. A low-glycemic diet offers you better nutrition in the form of more micronutrients and a better fiber intake. It also makes you feel more full. This decreased hunger is obviously extremely helpful in terms of avoiding overeating and thus losing weight. In addition, you need to eat less later in the day. In contrast, eating higher-glycemic index foods result in much higher blood sugar and insulin concentrations, as well as increased blood triglyceride and bad cholesterol.

Perhaps most damaging in the short-term, the inevitable crash in blood sugar that comes from eating highly refined carbohydrates is an awful way to begin the day. You are bound to feel hungry merely a few hours after you ate, as your body demands even more high-glycemic carbs. It is a destructive cycle in terms of your body composition and a recipe for disaster.