A Better Breakfast: Transform Your Mornings into the Strong Start They Should Be

Image of Healthy OatmealEntirely too often, the foods which are most aggressively marketed as healthy options are the products of companies willing to make enormous promises that their goods simply do not deliver. There are few situations where this is more of an epidemic than the breakfast food market. As the United States has slipped more and more dramatically into a health epidemic over the years, the demand for food that will not create such catastrophic health problems has begun to soar. Unfortunately, the modern consumer has been on the receiving end of so many years of brutally incorrect and manipulative messaging that many of us no longer remember the simpler times when good food was a given. Instead, many individuals have become accustomed to believing in “the magic pill.” As a result, the empty promises made by pre-prepared and prepackaged solution option look more appealing than choices that are actually healthy, like portion control and whole, unprocessed foods.

Consider oatmeal. In its purest form, the appropriate serving of whole rolled and steel cut oats (which should be minimally processed) is a great option for the first meal of the day. When they are processed and packaged, whoever, the grains are ground into much smaller “pre-digested” parts and additives like unnatural sweeteners are added in abundance, thus negating any potential health benefits. Businesses are almost always way more interested in creating a product which caters to the modern palette which, over time, developed a destructive preference for the unnaturally sweet or impossibly savory. To achieve that kind of taste, healthiness and quality and relegated to very bottom of the food producer’s priority pile. However, they rarely have any issues peddling the final product as the healthy food it could have been or initially was, nor do any of these producers make an effort to counter the widespread assumption that those sorts of benefits remain intact.

To reclaim your oatmeal and take control of your breakfast once again, you need to get back to basics. This means forgoing the options which have been processed heavily on your behalf and being an active, invested consumer. You have to care enough to read the ingredients and make new choices based on what is best for your health and body composition. Instead of prepackaged oatmeal, mix the following three ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt
  • ½ cup of rolled oats
  • ½ cup of mixed berries (or assorted superfruit that you may prefer!)