4 Foods to Eat for a Flatter Stomach

Skinny WomanFor anyone looking to lose weight, it can be a huge challenge to find the best way to accelerate fat loss and boost your metabolism. Fortunately, there are some positive habits you can adopt to improve your body composition over time and get the healthier lifestyle you desire. One of the simplest and most powerful practices you can make your own is to increase protein intake. In recent years, the positive impact a protein-rich diet can have as become more well-known, but the science behind it remains a mystery to far too many people. Read on to learn exactly why diets high in protein can carry you to a fitter future.

Foods rich in protein can encourage a metabolic rate more than three times greater than carbs and fats. Additionally, studies regularly indicate that eating habits that emphasize a high level of protein consumption lead to greater weight loss and fat loss than diets in which calorie intake is equitable but protein intake is lower. For example, a research team out of the University Illinois compared the effects of a high-protein diet to one that simply focused on reducing calories. The researchers found that people who ate more protein enjoyed a 62% greater ratio of fat loss, even when both groups of participants ate that same raw number of calories.

With the right ratio of protein in your diet, you can effectively eat more calories and lose more fat. That sound incredible, doesn’t it? So, how is this possible? The answer lies within a relatively unknown amino acid called leucine. High-protein diets are so effective and encouraging fat loss thanks to this one tiny ingredient. Leucine is key in discouraging muscle loss both when you’re trying to lose fat and when you are naturally aging. This is critical because muscle loss contributes to decreased metabolism, is the root of the “skinny fat” debacle,” and allows for rapid rebound weight gain. These are all certainly things you do not what to impede your fitness progress.

The best sources of leucine-rich, metabolism-boosting proteins are varied – and often delicious! Lean red meat, cottage cheese, chicken breast, and Greek yogurt are all excellent sources you can depend on to get you the protein you need. Consume one of these with every meal, and you will be well on your way to a healthier tomorrow. Nurture your calorie-burning muscle with the proper amount of protein is a crucial step to a fitter body.