#1 Reason You Are Overweight

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Believe it or not, the number one reason for people to reach for unhealthy foods is not low income. It’s also not lack of education. According to findings from the National Center of Health Statistics and from the Centers for Disease Control, the number one reason why people continue to ingest unhealthy fast food is (drum roll please) because of convenience!

Apparently most people think they just simply don’t have the time to prep, cook, and clean their kitchen once they’re done cooking. So instead, they would rather opt for terrible food choices that pose serious risks towards their health and towards their waistlines. It’s incredible, but certainly a fact – in the recent poll average fast food consumers are well aware of the poor food choices they’re making. Moreover, the same survey reveals the average income of fast food consumers is 130% over the poverty line. In other words, no one is looking at the dollar menu because they have no other choice, financially speaking! In total, 92% of people in the study explained that the number one reason they don’t eat healthy is lack of time.

Quite frankly, lack of time and convenience is a perfectly acceptable excuse. Who has time to cook nowadays, much less cook something healthy? No one – most people live a busy lifestyle, where cooking is the last thing on their minds.  But the truth of the matter is that there are ways! You can eliminate convenience as the number one reason why you’re overweight. For example, you can prep meals in advance. Pick one or two days during the week to prep your lunch and dinners for the next few days. Then, when you get home from work and are in no mood to start cooking, you don’t have to! Just pop your healthy meal in the oven or the microwave, and call it a night. Another way you can fight the temptation of fast food convenience while you’re out on the road running errands and such, is to pack up some snacks. Always make sure you have a piece of fruit, granola, dried fruit, peanuts – healthy snacks that will beat down temptation, but most importantly will keep you full and satisfied until you are able to sit down for a proper meal. There’s tons of other ways you can avoid the number one reason for being overweight. It’s just a matter of figuring you what the best system for you.